WordPress & WooCommerce Load Testing

RoboSwarm is a WordPress & WooCommerce Load Testing service that requires no coding or load testing knowledge. Get started now, for free.


Let RoboSwarm help you discover where your WordPress site or WooCommerce store limits are.


Does your site or store experience degrade under heavy load? RoboSwarm can help you find the answer and point your towards solutions.


Can you say "Yes, my site (or store) will handle 500 concurrent users and respond in under 200ms."? If not, RoboSwarm can help.

WordPress Load Testing Made Simple

RoboSwarm makes WordPress load testing simple. We offer common WordPress load testing scenarios pre-configured so you don't have to worry about the details. Need something more specific? We can help with that too.

High Scalability

RoboSwarm can take your WordPress load testing to the next level. Be it 20, 200, 2000 users, RoboSwarm can handle whatever you need. Traffic can be distributed around the globe in 8 different data centers.

WooCommerce Load Testing

With RoboSwarm you can easily determine how many checkouts per second your store can handle. Expecting a traffic spike for "Black Friday"? See how you'll perform before the big day to give your customers the best experience possible.


RoboSwarm offers several different plans based on your needs.



A free plan to see how RoboSwarm works

  • 5 WordPress & WooCommerce Load Tests / Month
  • 20 Minutes Max Load Test Duration
  • 5 Virtual Users
  • Email Support
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Increased limits for larger sites and bigger audiences

  • 50 WordPress & WooCommerce Load Tests / Month
  • 4 Hours Max Load Test Duration
  • 2000 Virtual Users
  • Schedule Video Chat & Email Support
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